XXI Russian National Conference on Non-Destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics will take place on February 28 - March 2, 2017, in Moscow, in Expocentre.

For more than 50 years RSNTTD conducts the Russian National Conferences on Non-Destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics. The first Conference was organized in Leningrad in 1956. Lately the main NDT event took place in different USSR cities. After USSR disintegration conferences were held in cities of the Russian Federation.

In 2014 the organizers decided to settle the NDT Conference in Moscow.

Non-destructive testing is one of the few high-technological fields of applied science in Russia that didn't lose the competitiveness.

Achievements and opinion of Russian scientists, professionalism and experience of NDT specialists still are highly appreciated and considered the deserved authority among colleagues all over the world.

In the past 20 years in Russia the implementation of modern NDT methods and equipment, independent control, specialists’ training, industrial regolations updating have been carried out by the very weak pace. Lack of domestic developments funding, corruption at orders allocation, aging and shortage of qualified personnel resulted in a series of accidents and disasters.

Today RSNTTD develops and arranges a complex of measures to improving NDT field.

RSNTTD task is to rise NDT and TD to the new level, to give understanding about importance and value of non-destructive testing and control, to show the prestige of NDT profession and to provide worthy succession during training.

Having combined efforts of developers and manufacturers we will show that state safety in many respects depends on the correct and efficient decisions in the field of NDT.



Date Venue
I 1956 Leningrad
II 1960 Moscow
III 1963 Kiev
IV 1965 Kishinev
V 1967 Sverdlovsk
VI 1970 Minsk
VII 1974 Kiev
VIII 1977 Kishinev
IX 1981 Minsk
X 1984 Lviv
XI 1987 Moscow
XII 1990 Sverdlovsk
XIII 1993 St.Petersburg
XIV 1996 Moscow
XV 1999 Moscow
XVI 2002 St.Petersburg
XVII 2005 Ekaterinburg
XVIII 2008 Nizhny Novgorod
XIX 2011 Samara
XX 2014 Moscow
XXI 2017 Moscow
XXII 2020 Moscow