Dear colleagues!

We invite you to take part in the XXIII Russian National Conference on Non-Destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics in framework of the X Anniversary International Industrial Forum "Territory NDT 2023". The conference will be held from October 23 to 25 at the EXPOCENTRE (Moscow).

The conference takes place once every three years. It is a professional platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience of scientists and practitioners. We hope that most of our foreign colleagues will join us this year.

The XXIII Russian Conference is dedicated to "smart" technologies of non-destructive testing (NDT) bringing together theory and practice. Presentations will be made by invited lecturers from National NDT Societies, leading industry research institutes, state corporations and ministries, NDT equipment manufacturers. They will tell about the tasks, problems and achievements in the manufacturing industries, ways of developing standardization and metrology of non-destructive tools, systems and non-destructive testing methods, condition monitoring (CM) and technical diagnostics (TD) and general issues of providing security.

The Conference will consider the issues of CM and TD of the main trends in the development of science and technology: the development and validation of adequate models for the processes of obtaining primary information about the parameters of control objects, signal processing and extraction of primary informative parameters, increasing the reliability of results and the transition from NDT to CM at all stages of the life cycle of complex infrastructure facilities, as well as their technical diagnostics using a risk-based approach. One of the key topics of discussion perspectives of development and implementation of modern instruments and systems of NDT, CM and TD for industries and complex infrastructure facilities.

It will be held sessions on methodological issues of NDT digitalization. One of separate section will be dedicated to medicine, life support and the human environment as an area of NDT and CM. Traditionally great attention will be given to the training and methods of assessing the knowledge, skills and abilities of NDT specialists. Also in the framework of the Conference the creation of new forms and platforms for effective international communication of scientists and specialists in the field of NDT will be considered.

Conference participants will be able to exchange practical experience in the field of NDT. Post graduate students and young scientists will receive an assessment from leading domestic and foreign experts. At the industry sections the practical results of the implementation of scientific and technical developments at the leading high-tech enterprises in our country and abroad will be considered. Their level and equipment development trends will be assessed.

Joint productive work and active exchange of knowledge will allow participants to find solution to the actual production problems of companies and bring out their products to qualitatively new level, taking into account modern regulatory, environmental and economic requirements.

The X Anniversary International Forum "Territory NDT" is a key event for specialists and experts in the CIS and will cover all areas of NDT in the field of testing materials, methods and devices for NDT and CM. Within the framework of the business program of the Forum will be held the following: competition the "Defectoscopist", the Youth Scientific and Technical Conference, the Salon of Innovations, competition the "New Generation" and the presentation of the National Award in the field of NDT and TD.

We are waiting for you on October 23-25 at the Expocentre at the XXIII Russian National Conference on Non-Destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics.

On behalf of the Russian Society for Non-Destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics

D.Sc., Professor                                                                       Vladimir A. Syasko