The Russian Society for Non-Destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics

The Russian Society for Non-Destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics was founded in 1937.
Nowadays the Russian Society for Non-Destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics is one of major NDT national societies in the world and is an absolute member of European Federation of NDT (EFNDT), International Committee of NDT (ECNDT), Asian-Pacific Federation of NDT (APFNDT).
RSNTTD is a non-profit public organization uniting NDT and TD specialists from leading national universities and academic institutions, government and regulatory authorities, training and certification centers, NDT equipment producers and sellers, NDT service centers and laboratories.

The RSNTTD scope covers:

  • Organization of professional exhibitions, conferences, workshops. RSNTTD holds the largest Forum NDT Territory in Russia and the CIS and Russian National NDT Conference. For more than 30 years the conference has become the most important NDT scientific issue and gatheres scientists from diferent countries.
  • International activities. RSNTTD representatives, members of the governing authorities of EFNDT, ICNDT, oversee the work of international committees and working groups. RSNTTD has cooperation agreements with the National Societies of 39 countries.
  • Personnel education and training. Unified automative RSNTTD training system is an information NDT resource with training programs for all NDT methods, datas on modern technologies and equipment, certification systems, regulatory documents and other issues.
  • Organizational support of RSNTTD members and partners. RSNTTD members and partners take active part at project develipment, can get relative expert and consulting support, advertising and discounts for participation at RSNTTD organized events.
  • NDT Information. The magazine “NDT Territory” is a joint project of national NDT Societies of Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria and Israel. The magazine presents NDT innovations, publishes technical articles, reviews, etc. It is free for subscribers.
  • RSNTTD publishes a monthly Scientific and Technical Journal "Testing. Diagnostics".
  • Professional competitions. The All-Russian competition of NDT specialists is carried out with RSNTTD assistance for 13 years. At the Forum "NDT Territory the annual competition on the best NDT development is held.

RSNTTD has 48 regional branches. We are committed to moving toward integration into the global scientific space and treasure our collaboration with 39 national societies. RSNTTD Board of Directors consist of more than 30 leading experts from all fields of non-destructive testing. RSNTTD unites more than 500 members and partners.

RSNTTD main purpose is development and implementation of methods and means of NDT and TD for improving the quality of industrial products, increasing safety of industrial operations, diagnosis and prevention of environmental, terrorist and other emergencies.